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Some Tips that will Help to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing

“Marketers now recognize the opportunity presented by social media with 86% indicating that it is important for their business”. Don’t be afraid to address topics that consumers truly care about such as prices, complaints, problems, questions, suggestions and feedback – By … Continue reading

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Developing a Winning Social Media Optimization Strategy

Social Media Optimization, the SEO of social media, involves implementing changes both on-site and in social accounts to make content more visible, liked, shared and linked to via social networks. It’s no doubt that creating content that can easily be … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing Tool Box: 62 Tips

Social media marketing is moving from its exciting adolescent phase to a more mature grownup status. Online social media obsession driven by social web hormones and testosterone that drove social networks to hyperactivity are being replaced by tried and now … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing World: 17 Tools to Optimize Your Social Media Performance

Want to make significant improvements to your social media presence to-day? At the Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego last week I presented to a packed room about a range of tools to optimize social media performance. It … Continue reading

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