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Have You Been Avoiding LinkedIn Like The Plague? Here Is How To Get Started

Have you been avoiding LinkedIn like the plague? Do you think it’s not a whole lot more than a hangout for job searchers and HR people? It’s okay. You can admit it. I’m here to tell you that you’re not … Continue reading

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Doing It Right: Big Brands on Instagram

Are you sharing your brand with customers and fans through pictures on Instagram? Why not? As you probably know, Facebook owns Instagram, and according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram is growing faster than Facebook did at that age and … Continue reading

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How to Kick Your Content Marketing Strategy Up a Notch

Last week I outlined how social media is useless without a thoughtful content marketing strategy. My man Mark Schaefer carried this one step further by brilliantly describing Content Marketing as a “do-over” for social media. Something is still missing though. … Continue reading

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9 Twitter “Fails” to Avoid

Twitter is an ideal medium for not only keeping in touch with customers and clients, but also building and maintaining relationships with businesses, market leaders and so on. However, if abused or used inappropriately, this resource can backfire and result … Continue reading

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The Top 50 Brands on Instagram

At the beginning of the year, we wrote about the Top 25 Brands on Instagram and how they were using the site to connect with consumers. Since then, Instagram has grown from 90 Million to now 130 million monthly active … Continue reading

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#1 Way to Use LinkedIn to Get More Cliet Referrals

LinkedIn is the best business development tool to identify who your client knows and ask for a targeted referral. LinkedIn is an on line Rolodex not just of you connections, but of you connection’s connections. in other words, used correctly … Continue reading

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25 Characteristics of Highly Effective Social Media Campaigns

There is so much rock and roll going on involving businesses running social media campaigns. However, there are not many social media rockstars. Their guitars vary. Some rock hard and some… not so hard. Some even have broken guitar strings. … Continue reading

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