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How To Make Sharing Blog Photos on Pinterest Easy

Do you wish you could make it easier for your followers to pin your blog photos? Do you not like that “pin it” button underneath your post? Want to keep up with the latest trends in blogging? Then you need … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Make Guest Blogging More Powerful

You already know that guest blogging is one of the most powerful link building strategies on the planet… …but you also know that it’s a time-consuming pain in the butt! Just look at all the work you have to do … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using YouTube

Did you hear the news? Last week, Social Media Examiner released their 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, and the results were a mix of predictable and surprising. For example, engagement is still important, especially when it comes to Facebook. … Continue reading

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How to Build a Popular Blog in a Crowded Niche

“Everyone is already blogging about my idea. How do I stand out?” The good news is that everyone has the same problem. Since it takes about 5 minutes to start a blog, anyone can start writing, recording, or vlogging about … Continue reading

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Why We Share Stuff

It’s no secret that we have a fascination with the mundane. People everywhere share pictures of their food and sunsets on Instagram, talk about their kids and lives on Facebook, and it’s (well, somewhat arguably) mostly interesting. Why is it … Continue reading

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