How to Create a Google+ Community

How to Create a Google+ Community

Google+ Communities, similar in structure to LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups, have been around for a while now. Communities have popped up for all kinds of interesting topics, from Science to different music genres and sports, to specific tech areas and social networks. Whatever your interests might be, you can probably find a community you can join and meet other people with shared interests (and here’s a growing list of the Best Google+ Communities if you’re interested).

But what if you can’t find that community you’re looking for? Or, what if there are a few communities related to your interest topic, but you want to start a new one, for whatever reason? Here’s how you can do that step-by-step, as well as how to promote your community, plus 6 community suggestions and 6 community uses!

If You Build It

First, give some thought to why you’re going to build a community. There are some ideas and uses listed below, but the most common example is a community devoted to a specific topic of interest. It represents a place people can join to read and participate in discussions that interest them.

Once you know why you’re building the community, come up with a name. Give this careful consideration as it needs to aptly describe your community. Most people will only see the name of the community in the Google+ Community list and will decide if they’re interested in looking further based solely on the name.

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