4 Overlooked Types of Social Media Analysis

There are a lot of KPIs that we focus on as social marketers: From audience size and engagement, to content type to the best time of day…the amount of data at our fingertips makes almost anything measurable.

But working for a social media analytics company, I get unique insight into what the most social brands and agencies in the world are focused on, and I’m always impressed when I see someone step back and ask what they’re missing. It’s easy to get tunnel vision. It’s almost necessary. Otherwise we’d spend our entire week digging through metrics that we might not need.

It’s important to focus on what we can use, and avoid zeroing in on the “vanity metrics” that we think help mark our success. These four types of analysis will help you take a different look at your social channels and look at things in a different way.

1. Your Posting Frequency

It’s common to look at the best time to tweet, which day of the week your audience is active and when photos work better than links…but are you focused on how much content you’re putting out there? Too much and you can overwhelm your audience; not enough and they’ll forget about you.

Written by Lucy Hitz.  To read the full article, click here.  For more information on creating your own online brand, website and social media strategy, please visit our website at www.mydigibrand.com and follow us everywhere @mydigitalbrand.


About MyDigiBrand™

At MyDigiBrand™, we're passionate about what we do. Our team has been in the technology industry for ages, and are proud to play a small role in helping people capitalize on the Internet to establish their brands and generate revenues. Like most small businesses, we've gone through the trial processes of trying to find what works to create and maintain a powerful social media presence. We know it's not easy, that it takes a lot of work and a whole helluva lot of consistency. Most small businesses just don't have the time to do it, nor the resources to have someone on staff dedicated to managing their social presence.​ So let MYDIGIBRAND handle it for you. We've been there. We understand. And we can definitely help!
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