How to Build a Popular Blog in a Crowded Niche

“Everyone is already blogging about my idea. How do I stand out?”

The good news is that everyone has the same problem. Since it takes about 5 minutes to start a blog, anyone can start writing, recording, or vlogging about any topic. It’s a level playing field and you have the same tools as most to get noticed.

Also, while competition makes life difficult, it is also a good sign that your subject has an audience and perhaps profit ready for you to find and transfer to your pocket.

Your job now is to move to the head of the line and attract your share of enthusiastic readers. I have 7 strategies that are proven winners:

Written by Standord.  To read the full article, click here.

About MyDigiBrand™

At MyDigiBrand™, we're passionate about what we do. Our team has been in the technology industry for ages, and are proud to play a small role in helping people capitalize on the Internet to establish their brands and generate revenues. Like most small businesses, we've gone through the trial processes of trying to find what works to create and maintain a powerful social media presence. We know it's not easy, that it takes a lot of work and a whole helluva lot of consistency. Most small businesses just don't have the time to do it, nor the resources to have someone on staff dedicated to managing their social presence.​ So let MYDIGIBRAND handle it for you. We've been there. We understand. And we can definitely help!
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1 Response to How to Build a Popular Blog in a Crowded Niche

  1. Here is my one-step process to killing the competition.

    Are you ready?

    Do something your competition is NOT doing.

    There you go

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